Born in Rome in 1977. After a five year degree course in Communications, Sociology & Media, I moved to London in 2003 to gain a better understanding of the European photographic arena.

Since July 2005 I have been a regular freelancer with The Guardian, loving this job more and more, and working within a very stimulating and exciting environment.

In the last few years I have completed different projects in advertising, corporate and artistic imagery and my photos have been also published in many other worldwide magazines and newspapers, including Stern, The Independent magazine, The Sunday Times, the Irish Times magazine, the Financial Times magazine, The Guardian Weekend, The Observer, The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, Le Figaro' BBC, Newsweek and more.

I often work with Italian clients and I've been regularly commissioned by Conde Naste's Myself magazine, Style-Corriere delle Sera, D di Donna - Repubblica, L'Internazionale, Gazzetta/Sports week magazine, Gioia, Bell'Italia, Bell'Europa and Rolling Stone Magazine.

I’ve also enjoyed collaborating with charities including Oxfam, MSF-Doctors without Borders, Age UK, Friends of the earth, Alzheimer Society and Amnesty International. Since 2012 I've been on the UN's roster of pre-approved photographers, waiting to photograph their peacekeeping missions at a moment's notice.

In addition, thanks to my interest and background in Media and Advertising, I’ve been commissioned by multinational companies and different brands to help redevelop their visual identities.

Commercial clients including the Lottery Fund, Selfridges, NHS, Cinzano, Southern Railway, Zavvi, Camden Council, Hackney Council, Learning Trust, Manchester Metropolitan University, London City University, University of the Arts, Royal Pharmaceutical Society, the Metropolitan Police and more.

Since 2010 I've worked regularly with a publisher on projects based in the Caribbean, traveling extensively in the area.

In the last couple of years I travelled all over Japan, Singapore, Argentina, Colombia & Italy as part of a coffee table book commission for the shipping company Augustea.


Photography, for me, is about different points of view.
It is a way of capturing and picking out the details, colours and characters of everyday life.

The vanishing point and depth of field in a picture can be a direct reflection of the photographer's emotional state at the time of pressing the button. Equally it can polarise how the subject is feeling too.

But the subject or object is just an initial way of drawing someone in to what is ultimately a multilayered story. Photographs are built on unique levels of meaning; unique because we all see the and interpret the world with such a contrast of opinion.

A good photograph can spark a conversation.
A great photograph can speak without words.