Born and bred in Rome, my name is Christian Sinibaldi and I’m a multi-award winning photographer.
Since 2005, I’ve been part of a small group of freelance photographers working regularly with the Guardian. This has seen me covering assignments around the UK and worldwide, photographing people in a wide variety of contexts.

With great thanks to my camera, I’ve found myself climbing trees in the Cloud Forests of Costa Rica, walking the jungle in Colombia, navigating Argentina’s rivers, getting lost amongst Japan’s small islands but often spending days simply photographing people whilst observing and capturing real life.

Although I’m often having to deal with challenging situations or very busy and important people, I love a good conversation. Why? Well I find that this enables people to open up and relax, enabling me to take a portrait when time is inevitably ticking.

A university background in sociology, communication and advertising has definitely shaped my approach to the media. I use photography as a tool to explore human beings and their relationships. To connect empathically with my subject I have understood, through experience, how photography can cement and create human relationships. These special boundaries go well beyond any physical, mental or sociological limitation.

My passion and dedication lie in telling great stories, often highlighting human qualities and a sense of community. Over the last decade I’ve been actively photographing and engaging with my local community and its surroundings.
I’m very lucky to live in Hackney, East London which I consider to be one of the best neighbourhoods in the country. It’s a constant, deep vein of inspiration and some of these projects have seen me exhibit at the Hackney Museum through to other international Museums and Institutions.

I feel privileged that my work has been published across the world by prestigious media outlets but in truth I’m most proud of the personal projects that have acted as a community uniting. These showcase the collaborative and powerful nature of photography, demonstrating how the wonderful nature of human stories, small gestures and common threads can connect us in so many ways. Ultimately, a great photograph can spark a conversation.

Over recent years I have completed a number of projects across advertising, corporate and artistic sectors.
My work has been published in numerous worldwide magazines and newspapers, including The National Geographic, The Independent magazine, The Financial Times, The New York Times, the Irish Times magazine, Stern, Corriere della Sera, D di Donna-La Repubblica, USA Today, L’Internazionale, Rolling Stone Magazine, The Washington Post, Le Figaro', BBC, Newsweek and more.

I often work in collaboration with Design and Advertising Agencies helping develop visual concepts, imagestyles, photo libraries or following more specific art direction and guidance.

I also collaborate with many charities and NGO’s including MSF (Doctors without borders), Amnesty International, Age UK, Versus Arthritis, Oxfam and more

Commercial Clients include: The Lottery Fund, Selfridges, NHS, Cinzano, Kedrion Biopharma, Southern Railway, Camden Council, Hackney Council, Learning Trust, Manchester University, Brunel University, Goldsmith University, London City University, University of the Arts, Royal Pharmaceutical Society, the Metropolitan Police and more.

Since 2012 I've been on the UN's roster of pre-approved photographers, ready to photograph their peacekeeping missions at a moment's notice.