Versus Arthritis
Kedrion Biopharma
V&A Museum
Theatre Royal Plymouth
The National Lottery Campaign 20th Anniversary
Maizuru Shipyards, Japan
Extraordinary People
Augustea Shipping Company
Snam: a garden in the network

Versus Arthritis

Client: Versus Arthritis

Creative Agency: RE

This commission has been very challenging and incredible interesting. I worked in close collaboration with the art directors at RE translating in pictures the visual identity they developed. Versus Arthritis was launched in November 2019 when two charities merged and create the largest charity in UK to support patients that suffer from arthritis and invest in ground breaking research.
I was asked to create a series of portraits and document pain and joy in normal everyday life's situations.
We travelled for nearly 2 weeks around the country spending the day with real patients, challenging the idea that arthritis is only affecting a specific group of individuals.
The photos are the main part of the new campaign and imagery of the charity

Kedrion Biopharma

Client: Kedrion Biopharma

Kedrion is an international company that collects and fractionates blood plasma to produce and distribute plasma-derived therapeutic products for use in treating serious diseases, disorders and conditions such as haemophilia and immune system deficiencies.

I have been working with Kedrion since 2013 helping them developing their visual identity and all their campaigns.
We travelled extensively across the world, from the Us to Mexico and in many places in Europe visiting and documenting the whole process, from the blood donors centres to the patients, passing by the people that work in their plants.

V&A Museum

Client: Victoria & Albert Museum

Each year the Victorian and Albert Museum commissions an external photographer to shoot their annual review and each year the style of the publication changes accordingly to the photographer they pick.

I documented 12 months of exhibitions within the Museum focusing on the relation between the people and the space and installations


Theatre Royal Plymouth

Client: TRP

Creative Agency: Spy Studio

TRP is an amazing and special place with a myriad of performances, activities and events on offer. At its heart the 1300 seat auditorium that can produce West End musicals through to opera and ballet; to a smaller experimental 175 seat theatre; café, restaurant, community performance space and, on a separate site, a production and learning centre known as TR2.

I've spent few days documenting the 'behind the stage' of the productions an the overall new refurbished space.

it was all part of a big rebranding Regeneration Project carried on by Spy Studio

The National Lottery Campaign 20th Anniversary

Client: Lottery Fund

Creative Agency: Spy Studio

In 2015 the National Lottery Good Causes celebrated 20 years of funding at least 430,000 life-changing projects across the UK. That's well over £32 billion invested during that time. To mark this fantastic milestone Spy Studio design agency and me were appointed to create a visually rich and story-led campaign.

it was imperative that the campaign image brought together the cacophony of amazing projects in one great space. An image where multiple stories are being told and you want to keep looking again and again and again.

During a 7 day shoot, over 60 different projects from across the UK were invited to take part at the photo studio. That included 188 people, 2 motorbikes, some VIPs, circus performers, the Cutty Sark, the Angel of the North and a donkey!

It was important that the final image looked like a single snapshot of an enormous scene. To make this happen, we co-ordinated and devised a narrative for all of the separate activities. Like a jigsaw, these activities could then be placed into the final image so as they appeared to be interacting with each other.

The campaign launches initially at 10 Downing Street, followed by subsequent launches around the regions and across the UK.

Maizuru Shipyards, Japan

Maizuru, in the Kyoto prefecture, is one the principal naval shipyards in Japan.

Located on the scenic Maizuru Bay in the Sea of Japan, Maizuru is a city with a long history of shipping and shipbuilding.

The shipyard is the largest on this stretch of coast, specializing in the construction of enormous bulk carriers and naval ships.

Extraordinary People

Corporate Advertising Campaign

Client: Douglas and Gordon

Creative Agency: Machas

The project was commissioned by two collaborating agencies: Machas Creative Consultancy and Ideas Factory Design agency.

The campaign uses real employees from the estate agency, dramatising their hobbies or passions.

The adverts are a playful reference at how the employees' pastimes directly benefit their ability to help Douglas & Gordon customers.

The photo shoot took place in an indoor studio setting and lasted for over 4 days.

Augustea Shipping Company

I was commissioned by Augustea to create a coffee table book to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Augustea.
It has been an amazing project that took me to Italy, Argentina, Colombia, Singapore and Japan.
A five month long journey and homage to the countries where Augustea operates and the people that work there or who are somehow related to the company.
A very different and personal approach to what some call 'corporate reportage'.

The small tugs are very powerful and beautifully shaped boats.
It's impressive to be onboard on a tug in the open sea while approaching some huge tanker, (a wall of steal upon us) sometimes with the help on 2 or 3 other tugs. The noise of the engine rumbling and roaring while approaching the big oil tankers. A very skilful manovre that require coordination between the Captain's tugs. A gentle push from the side to help these big boats approaching a pier or helping them to reach open water or perform other manoeuvres.

The pictures in this gallery were taken in Sicily and in Santa Marta, Colombia

Snam: a garden in the network

Client: Snam

Creative Agency: TBWA + Machas

As Italy’s largest gas supplier, Snam’s network on the territory is capillary and extends from the Alps to the southern province of Sicily. On the green hills of Valdarno, Tuscany, right on the lands adjoining the plant that allows to keep the pressure of the gas constant, Snam joined forces with social cooperative Betadue to go beyond its standard service and pioneering a sustainable project called “A Garden in the Network”.

The project employs disadvantaged and disabled people that, thanks to their work, produce 2000 meals which are given to the nearby communities and Snam together with TWBA Rome contacted Machas to curate a photographic show to document the people that give life to the “Garden in the network”

As described by Machas: the brief required an open, honest look at its subjects and Machas commissioned photographer Christian Sinibaldi that thanks to his candid shot, was perfect of the assignment.

“It was a great project and an incredible occasion to meet the local social workers, farmers and entrepreneurs. I had the chance to see first hand how these people have created a very healthy way of engaging and giving something back to their communities,” says Christian. “I will never forget the face of a woman at the Casa Pinocchio mental health institute who looked into my eyes and graciously thanked me for paying them a visit”.

Christian’s candid look on the faces and hands of the people at work tells the story of people still connected to their territory, of social integration and shared values.